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In these galleries are represented only a handful of the hundreds of figure drawings, anatomical illustrations and paintings created by me over many years. Please also join me on an epic adventure with my new novel series, beginning with the first book: NAIL WRITING.

To capture that transient form and the impossible of anatomy, charcoal, chalk and graphite are my first choices of tool in hand. I like to capture form and shadow, rather than color that often distracts from the form. I like a coarse tooth to the paper to deposit material quickly, particularly charcoal. I found a fondness for watercolor paper for larger pieces, the aggressive tooth is really good, thickness and durability, and it gives a wonderful rendering of form without precision. Strokes range from small and careful, to a sweeping and chaotic precipitation of chalk and charcoal.

In closing thoughts, you are visiting this website to view, maybe learn and explore, and possibly consider and purchase art. If art is the product to be purchased, then what kind of product is art? Art is a product of a human mind, created to communicate an expression of thought and feeling from one human being to another. The shape in the mind of the artist is translated into the medium by the hand of the artist, and then the mind of the appreciator molds that translation into meaning that may be close or not at all identical to that of the artist, but a meaning nevertheless that would have not existed had the art not been created.

This translation from one mind to another can be across vast expanses of distance and time, and unlike the higher precision of music or literature that is expressed in agreed upon symbols to communicate sound and meaning, visual fine art as made by hand is more an amorphous amalgam of the skill, ability to express, limits of medium and crudeness of conversion from thought to hand of the shape given meaning by the artist. In our modern world, this communication of art now is at nearly the speed of light, and moving the art from one person's hand to the other may take place over days instead of months, years or centuries, or not at all. This is a miracle of civilization, to want to share art amongst ourselves, and from the creativity of minds that generate art, the means to share has also been created.



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